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Tuolumne County Commission: Date Change Centenarian Awards!; Aging for Dummies Workshops on tap; A Bit of Groveland History; Calendar 2011

Welcome to the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging blog: it’s our ongoing effort that we hope will bring information to help and inform seniors in our county.

The commissioners, with their extensive and varied experience and expertise, are all volunteers and without exception are primarily concerned with doing whatever they can to improve the lives of our county’s seniors in and around the Motherlode.

“In every life, you've got to be of use.” Dr. Larch, The Cider House Rules, by John Irving
“Jots & Thoughts”
By Roberta R Goodwin ...
DATE CHANGE Centenarian Awards Ceremony: Due to a conflict in dates with the Health Fair, the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging’s Centenarian Awards Ceremony has been changed to October 26th, Senior Center, 11AM-Noon

“Aging for Dummies”
Free Workshops, September 29!
“Aging for Dummies” - a free day of workshops for seniors, family members and caregivers will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 29 at the Tuolumne County Senior Center, 540 Greenley Road, Sonora. People are invited to attend one or more workshops, no need to spend the day.  Each workshop is approximately 75 minutes.

Workshops include:
Seniors at risk
Scams and other threats
Housing and Caregiving
Emergency Preparedness and in-home safety
Senior Peer Counseling
Long-Term Care insurance and reverse mortgages
Personal finances for seniors
HICAP: Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
Tuolumne County medical services
Transportation options for seniors
Get Me Involved: leadership opportunities for seniors
Community advocacy programs
Community activities for active seniors

Sponsored by ...
Tuolumne County Behavioral Health
Black Oak Casino
Seniority Lifecare at Home
the California Wellness Foundation
Cutler-Segerstrom Insurance
Sierra Senior Providers

For more information, contact Carleton Penwell at 532-8583
County Supervisor Evan Royce appeared before the Commission September 12, 2011. He was quite candid, fielding many questions and describing his rookie year as “eye-opening” and a “learning curve experience.” Mr. Royce said for all of us, this is an era of “difficult times, especially in dealing with the budget issues and economy.” Judy Finley and Luci Tyndall outlined their efforts to help what they termed the “Silent Seniors.”  Judy and Luci expressed their frustration in what seems to be ever so slow, if any, progress toward mutual goals.  Mr. Royce thanked all of the Commission for the information and what he described as efforts "of which he was unaware" and said he was very grateful to know this information now. The Commission thanked Mr. Royce for his time.  We all committed ourselves to a continuing effort of an open door policy on communication between the Commission and the Board. 
Waste Management "yard service"
The Waste Management "yard service" option means Cal Sierra handlers retrieve and return the garbage carts so the resident doesn't have to.  The fee is currently in the neighborhood of $11.00. There is a proposed change impacting seniors in the new county contract.  UPDATE ON THIS SOON, STAY TUNED! The Commission is gratified to learn that their lobbying efforts in this regard might be fruitful.

Did YOU Know?
by editor Roberta Goodwin, email me at:

MARY LAVERONI and Laveroni Park,
also known nowadays as “Mary’s Park”

What's the connection between Mary Laveroni and the Park named for her? Both Mary Laveroni and the Park have been honored many times over the years. Accordingly, one can find many references, but in particular the Groveland Community Services District ( says, in part: “Mary was a founding Director of the Groveland Community Services District, serving for 26 years.” And goes on to say this ...
Mary Laveroni Community Park (with an area of about 2.3 acres), fronts Highway 120 in Groveland. It was built in the 1980’s and originally named Wayside Park. In August 2003, as part of its 50-year anniversary celebration, it was renamed in honor of one of GCSD's first directors, Mary Laveroni. In 2004 the park facilities were expanded to include a large concert stage, three sets of bleachers, and a large grass playing field, in addition to the picnic areas, restrooms, children’s play equipment, snack bar and two amphitheaters. During emergencies, such as wildfires, this park is used as a staging and bivouac area for emergency response crews. The Park has developed into a beautiful facility, and is used for many events."

Here's a brief Laveroni family history from
“George Laveroni married Mary Webb in 1943 and they soon moved into 18609 Main Street, Groveland. Bert Holms had built this home in 1934. George and Mary did extensive remodeling and enlarging of the home in about 1952... In 1938 George and Mary acquired a building and long-established bar in Groveland and renamed the building "The Iron Door." The name was derived from the massive iron doors that hung at the front entrance. George refurbished the building and the "Iron Door" got its first restroom and fireplace. George also owned a sawmill business and hardware store. Mary was a founding Director of the Groveland Community Services District, serving for 26 years.”

Year of the Family Caregiver: 2011 has been designated as Year of the Family Caregiver by the U.S. Administration on Aging in honor of the 10th anniversary of the federal National Family Caregiver Support Program.

“Minor Home Repair”
: Area 12 Agency on Aging offers a program for eligible county seniors “designed to assist seniors over 60 who have home repair problems they cannot resolve which threaten health & safety.”
To be eligible, you must: be 60 years of age or older; reside in Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa Counties; live in your own home.
Typical repairs include... (among others)
hard to turn faucets; leaky toilets; door knob repair; install grab bars; repair doors and windows; ramp repair
Call Area 12 Today for more information on how you can arrange for needed home repairs 209-532-6272... or go to:  Also, you can view their website at: or email them at:

Centenarian Society Event in October:
The Commission on Aging is still seeking information on local centenarians, those who have reached or surpassed the age of 100 years.  A special recognition and honoring event is planned for Wednesday, October 26th, 11AM-12PM, at the Senior Center on Greenley Rd., in Sonora.  The Commission is asking eligible individuals’ family members, friends, churches, residential care and skilled nursing facilities to submit names.
In addition, anyone who has reached the ages of 96, 97, 98, and 99 yrs will be honored as well, in recognition of their status in Tuolumne County’s Centenarian University of Life. Those who are aged 96 years are freshman, 97 years are sophomores, 98 years are juniors, and 99 years are seniors.  Upon reaching the age of 100 years, those individuals will be inducted into the Centenarian Society of Tuolumne County.  Their name will be placed on the Centenarian Society wall plaque at the Senior Center on Greenley Rd.  Each name submitted will receive a personal invitation, including their families, and a certificate of recognition of their status in our communities.  The Senior Center will provide lunch free to the honorees, and $3.50 to all others, to be served by community leaders and Commission on Aging members.
For additional information, contact Cathie Peacock at 586-4802 or JoAnn Rascon at 588-9004. You may also download a nomination form here (right-hand side of the page "centenarian application" link)":

- Tuolumne County Commission on Aging encourages and welcomes not only visitors to our meetings but we have vacancies at the moment, and so we always welcome any interested parties to apply.  Attendance at our meetings is a prerequisite. Please come to our meetings and see what we’re about!

All COA meetings are open to the public. Please come and give us your ideas, concerns, and information regarding senior issues!
In future, we will be blogging with even more information on matters of interest to county seniors so stay tuned!  And please feel free to let us know YOUR ideas for events or forums that you want to see! We actively solicit your comments. As always, you may contact the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging by email
Commission on Aging Events Calendar 2011
*     NEW: The Commission on Aging appears on a regular basis before the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors in order to update them on Commission activities.
*      Commission on Aging general meetings 1:30PM, 2nd Monday each month, at Area 12 Agency on Aging, Standard Rd., Conf. Room C
Note- due to Columbus Day, October's meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 11.
 Commission on Aging Executive Board meetings 1:00PM, 1st Monday each month, at the Senior Center
*      Commission on Aging Public Relations committee meetings, 12:00PM, 1st Wednesday each month, at Interfaith 
* Commission on Aging Education Committee meetings, 9:00AM, 3rd Tuesday each month, Starbucks, Sonora Crossroads Shopping Center,
in the Prudential 2nd Floor Conference Room 

September 29"Aging For Dummies" Workshops: Tuolumne County Senior Center, 9AM-4PM
*      October 10th General Meeting & Former COA Commissioners Reunion Event
* October (day TBD) - Centenarian Awards Ceremony 11AM Senior Center Sonora

*** 2011 Speaker Schedule ***
·          October – no speaker due to ex-COA members "Reunion" Event
·         November – speaker pending
·         December – no speaker 2011 year-end wrap-up
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To go to the San Francisco Institute on Aging website, go here:

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