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Sierra Seniors radio show January 22nd, 2011

Sierra Seniors radio show January 22nd, 2011

1450 KVML AM - 9:05am-9:30am

Written by: Roberta Goodwin
Host: Cathie Peacock
Guest:  Sandi Romena
Topic: The Tuolumne County Commission on Aging’s Senior Expo

Cathie: Today we have Sandi Romena, sharing information on an upcoming event.  Sandi, what is your role in this event and tell us more about yourself, what do you like to do, etc.?   And please go on to describe this event that’s great fun for our seniors and for all of us too.

Sandi: Well, I was born and raised in Tuolumne County and come from a family of a few generations in this area.  I'm married 31 years, and with 2 grandchildren.  I actually run a small consulting business and love to volunteer and help out our community when I can.  I was invited by the Commission to help out with the Senior Expo last year, and it was so successful we’re doing it again this year.  I like to help the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging in running this informational fair so that our seniors know what's going on.  It’s going to be held this year on May 25th, and in a bigger building, the John Muir Building, because last year we sort of outgrew ourselves.  Last year we had 57 booths and about 400 people attended.  This year we’re inviting all non-profits as we did last year, and any business that caters to seniors, their families, and their care-givers, too.  We’re charging a small fee, 'cause that helps us support the event, and again, we will be offering a blood draw and other attractions.  Even though we target seniors, anyone can come.  Please attend, because you can talk one-on-one with the different agencies and get your questions answered, whether it’s elder abuse or any other topic. 

C: You're inviting the care-giving community, and others in the business community, and family members as well, or anyone thinking ahead in their own future... Along that line we also have quite a few attorneys who come to give out estate planning info.  What a great way to pick an estate planning attorney, to come talk to them face-to-face, much better than out of a phone book. 

S: Exactly.  For example, a local plumbing company had a booth last year and they featured their walk-in tubs.  What a good way to come see this product and touch it, and ask questions, either for yourself or a family member. 

C: Can people or businesses call you if they're interested on participating?

S: Oh yes, my number is 532-1607 and I'd love for them to call, as this event is FOR them. Last year’s event “grew out” of our space which just shows the need for an event like this. 

C: I remember last year when people came by the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging’s booth and said how amazed they were at how useful and informative the event was, especially to have all these providers in one area. 
S: If people call me, I will be happy to send them an application, it is first-come, first-serve with a cut-off date.  You can fax the application back to the same phone number 532-1607 and my email address will be on the form and on the flyer and we will start advertising more soon  The Expo will be May 25th rain or shine, from 9AM to 2PM and of course it is an inside venue so no weather worries.  Also, our new venue will accommodate walkers and wheelchairs and some wheelchairs will be available should someone need them especially later in the day when some folks might get tired.  The same food provider will come back, and the Palo Alto Veteran’s Administration will come back again too.  We plan to have the same “Senior Idol” contest, last year’s was such a hit!  There’s a lot of senior talent in this county.  So if you have a talent, call me! Also please call me if you're a provider or know of one who might like to have a booth. 

Oh, and we also have some service organizations, such as the VA and others. We do run this thing with all volunteers; it’s so heart-warming and gratifying. 

C: Remember, the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging does not endorse any one product or provider, we’re just making them available for informational purposes. 

S: Yes, don't bring money, there’s nothing for sale. 

C:  How many vendors can you accommodate?

S: Approximately 75 and I've received 8-9 applications already. 

C: What I personally like about this event is that these kinds of people all support each other.  And wrapping up, call Sandi at 532-1607 to volunteer as well as to ask for your booth application, or to suggest someone for a booth.   

Have a great weekend, see you right here next week on Sierra Seniors.

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